Bradford WORKS

Bradford WORKS


It had been several years since I had worked and during my time of unemployment I went back to school twice. Having been out of work for a few years, I found the job search process confusing.

After applying on-line for a contract position in Yellowknife, NT. I went to Bradford WORKS for some assistance. Both Martha and Alison were a great help to me while I was trying to get examples of my work copied and sent electronically. We also had to do a lot of research as to what positions paid across Canada.

I met with Lisa and employment specialist and spent several weeks talking with her about my contract negotiations. Having no experience in this area, I felt rather frustrated.

Thanks to Lisa's expertise in this area and her guidance, I persevered and negotiated a better offer.

I started my job on September 22, 2014 as a Project Designer with an Architectural Firm. I could not have done it without Martha, Alison and Lisa.

Thanks Bradford WORKS!!