Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager


A seasoned Assistant Manager was laid off after 7 years when a major retailer closed its doors.  She was able to obtain employment at a similar business, but was “let go” as she was not a good fit before her 3 month probationary period was complete.  Her spirits were down, confidence crushed and when she had no success in her self-directed job search, she connected with TRACKS.  Within 2 months, she connected with an employer that was a great match for her – We assisted her with 1:1 counselling & support, labour market information, job search support, employer contacts and interview skills and strategies.

Her comments included…

“Thank you both for your expertise, time and advice. 

I thank you for your support and believing in me and bringing me up when I was down. That was so important, may 2015 be a joyous year for you.” “Your message made me smile and feel great. I will make sure to pay it forward.”